Who is Welcome to Celebrate Recovery? 
Anyone with a hurt, habit or hang-up.

We are all about helping individuals and families find healing through a faith based twelve step process. Life can and does get better. Find HOPE.  This includes, but is not limited to:

Abuse          Workaholic          Control          Failure         Deception

Idolatry       Abortion              Worry            PTSD          Betrayal

Fear             Materialism         Anger            Guilt            Complaining

Gambling   Anxiety                 Despair         Alcohol        Depression

Attitude      Manipulation       Death           Drugs           Bitterness

Criticism    Loneliness             Selfishness   Blame           Codependency

Sex              Self-Image            Compulsive   Shame          Abandonment

Trust          Finances                Trust             Resentment    

Relatives Raising Children